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Composer's Ensemble Suite


This piece was an experiment in extracting an orchestral sound into a smaller ensemble and mixing it with glitch rhythms and groovy drums. I am a fervent follower when it comes to hearing Michał play.
I hope You will enjoy it as much as we did.

People are not ready for it?

They say that people are not ready for this yet. Are they?

Let Tunisia meet some string quartet music. This is my arrangement adding a string quartet commisioned by Amine and Hamza, very talented oud and kanun virtuosos, and nice folks when it comes to meeting them in person. We had some good time recording the album this track will be a part of, and I hope people will be ready to hear it when we will tour with the band :)

Bisso Baba - Richard Bona and Metropole Orkest (arrangement)

Romantic Mario - Solo Piano

Cello Girls

I was confronted with four adorable female cello players saying - "You need to write something for us as quickly as possible - unless You want to hear us playing Pink Panther again". You know that there are such particular situations when a man cannot say "No". Luckily the piece had to be 1'30'' long so it took me an hour to write, and after copying the parts by hand (like using flint to make fire) we started rehearsing. The band is called the Cello Girls.

A forest of gadgets

Meni Nessi - Tunisia meets a string quartet

John Williams - The Spiders (arrangement)

Anna Hawkins "Journey On" (orchestration)

Armed Marriage - improvised electronic set