Chord Nation suite

Chord Nation is a jazz orchestra suite written by Nikola Kołodziejczyk as a commission from Jazztopad Festival 2010. It is a 70-minute piece for 27 highly skilled musicians that takes on enjoyment of rhythm and harmony and broadens the jazz orchestra idiom.

" I was blown away by your music. It's powerful, creative, intricate, soulful... quite extraordinary. The textures are wonderful, and the musical ideas are so original. I really really love it."
Maria Schneider

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Amine and Hamza M'Raihi - Perpetual Motion

Barok Progresywny

Folk instruments from India and Poland, viola da gamba and other baroque instruments with jazz musicians in a very contemplative and quiet suite recorded in one take. Album has been awarded the FRYDERYK 2016 for the Album of the Year (Polish Phonographic Society awards - polish Grammy counterpart)

Barok Progresywny (progressive baroque) is a hour long suite for 15 musicians.
it features historical performance: 4 baroque violin, baroque cello, viola da gamba.
It also features folk instruments: sarangi, suka biłgorajska, gadułka, fidel płocka
and jazz improvisers.

This recording is acoustic in its entirety — recorded in one take, one room, with no tuning or retiming in post-production.

Prepremiere: 7th October 2015 on Sopot Jazz Festival
Premiere: 28th October 2015 during NOSPR/Nikola Kołodziejczyk Orchestra /Branford Marsalis concert in Katowice, NOSPR

It is worth noting that the drum set was the subject of a complete makeover for this record to facilitate extremely soft dynamics of the baroque strings and to enable the drummer to be able to use the drum set freely while maintaining the pop dynamic.

Nikola Kołodziejczyk - polish pianist, composer and orchestrator.
Winner of Polish Phonographic Society award Fryderyk.

He loves to stay in large groups of people, which probably gave rise to a passion for composing for large ensembles and made him like to ride and wait for Polish trains. Music for Nikola is the search for new answers to familiar questions - his multicolored narratives draw in with interesting story and thoughtful twists.
His music has been performed and commissioned by:
Metropole Orkest featuring Richard Bona (Metropole Orkest Arrangers Workshop), the Wrocław Philharmonic and Jazztopad Festival, NOSPR National Polish Radio Symphonic Orchestra feat. Bart van Lier, Jazz Orchester Regensburg („The Next Generation - Young European Jazz Composers” concert), Amine et Hamza M'Raihi (Tunisia), Łódź Philharmonic, Concept Art Orchestra (Czech Republic), Nigel Kennedy Orchestra Strings of Life, Academic Baroque Orchestra (Katowice), Anna Hawkins (New Zealand), Michał Polcyn „Cuiaviana”, Aga Kiepuszewska „Silence”, Orchestra L'Autunno, Karolina Skrzyńska, Adam Bałdych „Storyboard” and others.

He studied under the guidance of eminent educators - Edward Anthony Partyka, Irena Rolanowska, Andrzej Jagodzinski, Kazimierz Chludek, Emilian Madey, Dariusz Janus, Bogdan Chmura and Wojciech Niedziela. He also owes his musical skills to brief but impactful encounters with such figures as Vince Mendoza, Ravi Coltrane, Ralph Alessi, Lotte Anker, Maria Schneider, Jim Black and Kurt Elling.
It uses every opportunity to research on music, both this latest, and this forgotten -
European, Arab, electronic, jazz, baroque and folk.

Progressive Baroque suite
Marta Sołek — suka biłgorajska, sarangi, gadułka4,5,6,7,9,11
Alicja Sierpińska — baroque violin
Marzena Biwo — baroque violin
Klaudia Matlak — baroque violin
Dominika Małecka — baroque violin
Łukasz Krusz — violin
Krzysztof Firlus — bass viol
Maria Misiarz — baroque cello
Marcin Olak — guitar
Oskar Török — trumpet
Szymon Kamykowski — soprano saxophone
Grzegorz Grzeszczyk — bass clarinet
Maciej Szczyciński — double bass
Michał Bryndal — drums
Nikola Kołodziejczyk — piano

recording engineer — Błażej Domański
mix and mastering — Błażej Domański
recording and mixing assistant — Karol Mańkowski
recording assistant — Mateusz Sołtysik
Mixed and mastered in Studio 7 in Piaseczno

design & layout — Aleksandra Wyłupek
graphic artist — Rafał Wojtunik
producer — Nikola Kołodziejczyk
executive producer— Agnieszka Kiepuszewska

1. Barok Progresywny – 6'09"
2. Mean Tone I – 4'22"
3. Guitar Hero – 5'40"
4. Podusa – 6'07"
5. Stryjo – 4'33"
6. Office of Laboratory Animal Care – 7'28"
7. Interludium – 1'18"
8. Mean Tone II – 5'51"
9. Fishing for Schemes – 5'03"
10. Fear Loose – 2'16"
11. Loose Fear – 5'33"
12. Ultimatum - 4'11"
13. Oklaski - 2'44"

Bartek Pieszka Quartet

Bartek Pieszka Quartet was formed in early 2007. The band won second prize at the International Festival “DoDж The International Jazz Festival 2009” in Kiev, second prize at the VI International Jazz Festival “Krokus Jazz Festival 2007” in Jelenia Gora and the second prize at the XXXI International Competition for Young Jazz Groups “Jazz Juniors 2007 ‘in Krakow.
At the turn of 2013 and 2014, the band released their debut album titled “Slow Motion”.

Extreme Conditions

This Extended Big-Band Suite is lasting a little over an hour, and was developed during my studies with incredible mentor — prof. Ed Partyka — on the Academy of Music in Katowice, over the span of 8 months. It features amp. string quartet, vocal, vibraphone and bass clarinet. It has the seeds of my later musical excursions — Chord Nation suite and Progressive Baroque, as well as draws from my earlier work with my septet with electronics.
We have played the suite in Katowice, Poland; as well as in Graz, Austria; where we battled the famed KUG Big Band.
Although we have recorded a nice looking DVD from the premiere I haven't released it yet. But the time will inevitably come for the Extreme Conditions to re-emerge.


Storyboard started as a collaborative effort with Adam Bałdych to create an subtle marriage of acoustic jazz sound, my approach to the string orchestra idiom and a topping of Adam's distinctive electric violin sound. The material became more diverse than we expected - ranging from ballads so soft my ears bled to crazy groove tunes leveraging electronics and fierce jazz beats. Never before I have composed anything close to this kind of music. The creation of this material also proved that our rhythm section of choice - Maciej Szczyciński on double bass and Michał Bryndal on drums - can glue together virtually any music idea. That led to loads of fun.

Anna Hawkins „Journey On”

New Zealand in my mind has a certain purity and elusiveness in itself, partly because You have to spend two or three days flying just to get there from where I live. But there is also the nature and rarity that mix together very well there. Vocalist Anna Hawkins fits nicely with that expectation and goes beyond as well. Her album — that I had the pleasure to orchestrate for strings and conduct — brings this all together in a very lush cross-over style we tend to associate with „Lord of the Rings” or classical vocalists such as Andrea Bocelli. I also assembled my own string orchestra for the task consisting of great motivated performers from different parts of Poland. That sense of coming together could be felt on many levels — Anna coming from New Zealand, orchestrations trying to bridge different music styles, great orchestra playing tight and together in a wonderfully sounding Concert Hall in hilly Bielsko-Biała. The album was produced by Paweł Zarecki, Ross Cullum (Enya) and Sandy McLelland.

Nikola Kołodziejczyk Orkiestra

Nikola Kołodziejczyk Orchestra is the name of my old, first big ensemble project. The lineup of the Orkiestra fluctuated heavily depending on the experiments I was conducting at the time — from a 18-piece chamber-indie-jazz orchestra (extended string quartet, woodwinds with bass clarinet, live electronics) to a septet. Septet turned out to be the core of my ideas. Recorded material, which was the effect of our work in Polish Radio Katowice studio had been unearthed once, at a jazz competition on Jazz Nad Odrą Festival. Put down by the failure i kept the material to myself. Fortunately I have recently managed to retrieve a backup copy of those recording sessions (thanks to foresigth of our recording engineer Marek Wojnarowski) and I have a feeling that this material is worth coming back to.